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Treasure your Memories. Engrave a portrait of your loved ones onto a photo pendant. Prices to suit all budgets

Photo Pendants

Our business is making precious mementoes of your loved ones in the form of photographic jewellery. Photo Pendant UK makes photo engraved and full colour photo printed jewellery pendants with your uploaded images. A personalised pendant with someone’s favourite photo engraved or printed is guaranteed to be a popular present and keepsake for your loved ones. The keepsake could be for new parents capturing those joyous times of a new arrival, or of a newly wed couple or to help comfort someone who has lost a loved one. Photo Pendants are the perfect personalised gift made from your photographs,written text or artwork. We have a state of the art preview software which allows you to upload your image or text, manipulate the position and size, so you have a clear idea of what you are ordering.

At Photo Pendant UK we have a wide selection of pendants on chains or key-rings. The range includes hearts, id tags, rectangular pendants, circular pendants, traditional or modern. You have the choice of silver, gold-plate, platinum plated. With a choice of over 50 different pendants there is a style and finish to suit all tastes. As a photo keepsake you can imagine the pleasure this jewellery gives each time you glimpse your loved one; be that a child; grand child; parent, sweetheart; or pet. If a pendant is not appropriate, then the engraved plate can be mounted on a key-chain. These keepsakes make a great gift for wedding treats, christenings, birthdays, valentine’s day, wedding anniversaries, graduation days or any occasion you wish to commemorate. If you have a need these pendants can be engraved with information to be used as identity tags for property, family pets or medical emergency information. The pendants don’t have to have a photo on them, you can write a message which we will engrave in a font of your choice, or a business logo or a piece of artwork if you wish. You can choose to buy a complementary chain necklace or a variety of key-rings on which to attach your photo pendant. We aim to process and dispatch your order in 3 to 5 days.

Combining modern technology with traditional jewellery; the 21st century meets the Victorian keepsake of a photo locket. This new technologycan produce a superb level of detail. The concept of a photo keepsake originates from the golden era of portrait photography with lockets being a very popular gift amongst Victorians.

Technological advances in photography made personal and family portraits affordable and heralded the first photographic revolution. Now with digital photography the world is enjoying a new technological revolution and photography has become even more popular. Now the modern photographer is more often an enthusiastic amateur rather than paid professional. The photo engraving uses a diamond tipped bit to impact on the blank surface of the jewellery in very fine detail. By creating a contrast between light and dark areas of a photo a three-dimensional holographic effect is achieved. When the light falls on the photo jewellery from different angles it gives your photo a magical glint. Your photo is converted into a black and white image then engraved onto the highly polished photo pendant producing a high quality finish which will pleasantly surprise you

We are happy to produce promotional merchandise for businesses, schools or charities and will offer competitive rates for larger orders. Please contact us for a competitive quote. Promotional gifts can be a great fundraising technique for schools, churches, charities and sports clubs.

Photo Pendants mission is to give people a creative way to make personal mementos as gifts or keepsakes. We want to help you enrich your family’s and friends lives with personal gifts capturing those special moments like a wedding, christening or holiday.

Photo Pendants has a can-do approach to business and we take pride in producing your order to a high standard.

We are a small family-based business located in the Southwest of England.